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Saturday, November 28, 2009

2nd Annual Pacific Rim Hospice Society Fund Raising Radio-Athon

For those following auction items here is a quick rundown, more detailed descriptions below;

Custom Shelter Dinner for 6 (est. value $600); 450$ Tanya from Rockridge Coating

2 Nights at Tin Wis (est. value $330); $200 Jim Olsen

Long Beach Golf Course Day of Golf For 2 (est. value 200); $ 100 Cam Dennison

Cedar Heron from Remote Passages (est. value $85); Bard @ District of Ukee $45

Pacific Elements Yoga Pass (est. value $85); 70$ Leah Austin

Bid by emailing, calling (250) 725 4411 during the radioathon.

I'm so happy to be doing this again, we helped raised a few thousand dollars and had a great turnout from the community, looks like we're already on a great pace for this year's radio-athon. This year the radioathon will take place on Dec. 11th. At the bottom of the blog you will find some of the interviews from last year's radio-athon that we will be using throughout the day, many of them courtesy of John DeVries. Thanks, John

There are so many local businesses already involved and I'd like to mention them all the best I can, I'm also posting items that are up for auction, all proceeds will go straight to the Pacific Rim Hospice Society. If you wish to bid, email me @ or by calling (250) 725 4411 during the radioathon. Bids can also be made by commenting on the blog below, just enter your name and email (or phone number if you prefer) as well as your bid (and the item you are bidding for).

Finally, during the radioathon you can come down to the radio station to bid or donate, here's a small map. X marks the spot, we're in the last door, on the ground floor of the big blue ice plant.
Donations and bids in Ukee can be made at Reflecting Spirit Gallery til 3 the Ukee CO-OP between 3 and 6 on December 11th.

This Weekend Norah House Retreat in Ukee is having a moving sale and 1/2 the proceeds to hospice. Visit them up the road from the Number 1 Market in Ucluelet

Water's Edge Resort at Pacific Rim in Ucluelet donated 2 nights’ accommodation as an incentive. No auction neccessary, just be the first in Ukee to donate $250 on Dec. 11th

The Best Western Tin Wis Resort has offered up 2 nights at their beautiful beachfront resort. Retail value in excess of $300. The Tin Wis also donated to the Pacific Rim Hospice Society Recently through a great program at the Calm Waters Dining Room.

Shelter Restaurant has offered a custom dinner for 6 with wine pairings all local seasonal food prepared by chef extraordinaire Joel Aubie.

Remote Passages Marine Excursions has offered up a few items, first a beautiful cedar art piece for auction, details are here. They are also working out details of vouchers for whale watches and such... more details as I get them. Remote was generous last year as well, thanks. Here's a pic of the cedar art piece.

The Long Beach Golf Course will provide a day of golf for 2, including power cart, club rentals, green fees and lunch, worth about $200... thanks Gibby for that as well as a generous cash donation. Starting Bid $75 goes to Carlo Marks.

The Ucluelet CO-OP is raffling off a bicycle and collecting donations a their checkouts, they are also providing a venue for donors to visit during the radio-athon on Dec. 11th.

Tofino's CO-OP gave the hospice a generous gift card which will be very useful in covering operating costs.

Here's a nice incentive to give to Hospice, lunch for two including beverage and dessert from Café Vincente.

The first $125 dollar donation will get you a first time visit with Naturopathic Doctor Jeannie Doig.

Cougar Annie's Garden tour from Ocean Outfitters with companion book!! Come have a look at the radio station.

Kathleen Peace, a stained glass artist in Bamfield has offered a certificate for one of her pieces, here is a sample. Go here for more information on Kathleen's art.

Tofino Photography has donated some beautiful prints to be use to coax a little more out of donors. Thanks Wayne for your repeated generosity to the cause. If you're looking for great, uniquely Tofitian photos you can reach Wayne at

These are the photos in question. The small scale does them little justice. You'll be able to catch up with Wayne and a ton of his photos at the up-coming Christmas Crafts Fair in Tofino.

The OCN garden center is offering folks a chance to win a concrete statuary piece valued at 150$ for each $5 donated at OCN or during the radioathon.

More art comes pouring in. These pieces are from Marla Thirsk and will be used as gifts for donors, you can contact Marla at

Chocolate Tofino will have chocolate goodies and vouchers for tasty hot chocolate elixirs to encourage donors.

The Tofino Tea Bar is offering up a tin of quality tea to encourage donors.

Long Beach Surf Shop will have rental vouchers for donors as well as a generous cash donation of $500 with a challenge to the other surf shops to match.

You heard about the Project Monster Package, here it is, donate $100 in Tofino and it's all yours Print, T shirts and cards.

Sea Wench has stepped up with a wealth of products that will make you want to come down and give just because they smell so good, and will make great stocking stuffers.

Pacific Elements Yoga has donated a yoga pass. Worth around $80.

Two 18 hole rounds at the Fairwinds Golf Club in Nanaimo valued at $160

5 certificates for movie rental from Groovy Movie

In addition a cash donation already Breaker's Deli is raffling off live Christmas trees with proceeds going to support the Hospice as they have for some time now.

Common Loaf is donating 20 certificates for a loaf of peasant bread to be given to people donating $10 or more.

The Wickaninnish Inn has a voucher for brunch for 2 in their scenic Pointe Restaurant that they have offered. Thank You.

Signy gave 2 certificates for either a Lomi Lomi massage or Eden Energy Medicine session

$350 from Creative Salmon!

Individuals have already come forward with cash donations and we are on track to make this an amazing success again this year... I'll keep updating this entry with bids and other items... Please tune in on Dec 11th for interviews, live entertainment and information about the Pacific Rim Hospice Society.

Interview with Kim Hoag of the Pacific Rim Hospice Society;


Carol Foster, a long term client of hospice and an amazing woman I was overjoyed to meet during last year's radioathon. She passed in the last year and is dearly missed by many;

Therese Bouchard, veteran hospice volunteer;


Ucluelet resident Maggie Brown discusses her history with hospice;

Thanks for listening, Geoff

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jingle into Christmas, or Solstice, or Kwanza, or Pass Over, or whatever

Well Tofino, This Friday is Jingle into Christmas and just like last year we'll be on the air with holiday programming and a rundown of the great deals from local merchants around town. Feel free to call in during Friday evening's show with holiday wishes.

This is a great chance to get your seasonal shopping done and support the local ecomony, all while visiting with neighbors. I'll update this post with the deals people send me as the event gets underway, we'll also start bidding on items for the Hospice Radioathon.

Next week is Mignight Madness in Ukee and you can bet we'll be doing it all again.

For Jingle I'll have some piping hot pots of Kicking Horse Coffee courtesy of Tuff Beans waiting for anyone who drops by the station. Tuff Beans will be servin' up Chili in addition to their usual weekend all-you-can-eat pasta in the cafe.

Some deals from local businesses;

20% off nearly all musical gear at Groovy Movie

Tons of stuff @ the Long Beach Surf Shop


Wildside Grill will be having a Food Bank Fund-Raising BBQ

Here's a blurb Julie from the Studio House put on FaceBook

Hey friends!We are having a HUGE sale at the Studio House this weekend!Friday night we're having a party and insane deals...• All Threadless T-shirts are $25!!! (Reg $34)• Save hundreds of dollars on original artwork!!!• All Canvas Prints are on for $109 (Reg $159)• And SO much more!!!Come on down and have some drinks, with some good tunes and some good friends!!!We'll be open all night long @ 451 Main St!250-725-8811

More coming as I hear about it...
Join the Facebook event here

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've received word through the internet of the passing of a friend. Rob Fyke, talented musician and more importantly, all around stand-up guy is beatin' the hell out of drum kits with Bonham and Moon. Though listeners on the coast may not be familiar with Rob, please believe me that the world is a little darker place with his departure. Thanks for all the music Rob, and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blowin' in the wind

Hello internet-land. It's been a busy little while on the West Coast. We're in the middle of a bit of a storm that's already knocked out power for a total of 12 hours or so. There was an earthquake scare a day or so back that always causes a bit of a Tsunami paranoia.

Mostly it's been busy for the right reasons. We're continuing to prepare for the Pacific Rim Hospice Society Radio-athon. This weekend is Oysterfest and we have a ton of tickets to give away, tune in to the morning show this week to win. Radio guy Cam Dennison will be hosting both the Mermaid's Ball and the Gala.. so check him out there in the flesh.

We'll have tickets for Ill Scarlett at the Legion next weekend too! I'm talking to the powers that be about setting up an interview, stay tuned.

My 2 piece band, Whatever's Clever will be rockin' the Ukee Lodge on Saturday, so If you're not going to the Oyster Gala, that's the place to be.

Not the best update, but I'm squeeking it out between power failures. Talk to you folks later, thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2nd Annual Hospice Radioathon

Just made the Facebook event for our second annual radioathon fundraiser for the Pacific Rim Hospice Society. It was a lot of fun last year and we raised more than $3000 as well as building awareness and encouraging a few volunteers. So tune in on Dec. 11th and learn more about hospice and how you can give.

In other news, I thought I'd upload some interviews I've done in the past few months with Canadian musicians. First, this is Gordie Johnson, once of Big Sugar now fronting runaway rock
& roll madness called Grady, based out of Austin, Texas.


We briefly mention this next group of fellers in that interview, New Brunswick's Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin' Bastards who rocked the Weigh West on Hallowe'en. If these guys end up in your neck of the woods, check them out.


I've got a number of other interviews and bits on the Long Beach Radio Facebook Group.

Tomorrow is remembrance day, quite possibly to most legitimate cause we recognize. Remember, supporting soldiers and veterans is not supporting war.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Keeping Busy In November

For some reason I thought I'd have some down time after last week, but here we are. The holidays aren't too far away, Oysterfest is just around the corner, Margaret Atwood is coming to town... and the Canucks are keeping me busy as hell.

We've got massive swell heading our way, it hit Hawaii a day or 2 ago, and hitting our shore around midnight tonight, rain rolling through too... a good weekend for the storm watching tourists. Not so good if you're trying to milk the whale watching biz late in the season.

The great news is that I've got the audio from our live coverage of the final of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic ready for the interweb, here it is, in 3 parts. The Photo is by Jeremy Koreski


Feel free to share this audio, please credit the source. Here's the second part.


And this last one is more of the celebration, so you can relive the party


Gotta get back to paying attention to this hockey game, GO CANUCKS!!!

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catching up

This week was something, I'm getting around to putting some of the interviews we've done recently on line... here's a few, expect them to trickle in over the next week or so.
videoThis one is Bill Fend, owner of Long Beach Surf Shop and all around cool guy, a day or so before the O'Neill Cold Water Classic rolled in to Tofino. visit I also got to talk to a few competitors, local and otherwise... so far Sam Lamiroy and Shannon Brown are coming at you.
I've got a number of Pete DeVries highlights of course but I want to get them all organised and make them one big uber update. Other related folks were kind enough to pop on the air over the last week or so, I'll get to them. These and other interviews can be found on our Facebook group here. Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Believe It!!!

Canada is now a surf nation! Tofino born Peter DeVries shocked the international surfing world with a convincing 1st place finish in the O'Neill Cold Water Classic. Shops closed so that locals could be on the beach and those that couldn't make it were listening to the radio! It was an honor to be able to broadcast such an amazing moment live.
As if that wasn't reason enough to party it was also Hallowe'en so that was a party in itself, magnified by the energy of the town, on the eve of the Olympic torch's arrival in Tofino. Hallowe'en with Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin' Bastards was a smash at the Weigh West, then Sunday night I was happy to do sound for Wil.
Now Monday is that long awaited day off, heading for breakfast with Ross and the Bastards before they go.... then I guess we have to accept that winter is finally going to roll into Tofino. This has been one of the most amazing weeks, thanks to everyone who shared it with me.