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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Interesting Things (Occupying Wall Street, Nintendo and Screwing Up The News)

Well West Coast. There's a lot going on in the world these days. Some of it people work very hard to share with you. Independant media is an interesting industry to be a part of.  Some stories are more easily picked up by the big media than others. Below is one that's not getting a lot of attention but is very interesting. Details of the Occupy Wall Street movement can be found here.  Neither I, nor Long Beach Radio necessarily support the protest but it is something that isn't getting the exposure it seems it should. Of course I certainly believe peaceful protest is one of the most important things a society can nurture. (Content is live and not generated, or owned by us)

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

On a lighter note even the big guys have trouble getting thier message out some times.  Loyal listeners know I've had days like this with my show;

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Happy Birthday to the N64.... which is most likely the reason I didn't get into college.  Here's to a gillion hours of Golden Eye!!

Thanks for listening West Coast. Don't miss Cam's show tonight starting at 7ish

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Dates To Watch For In The Coming Months

Well, one fall milestone is behind us, our first "wintery" storm.  There are a few more exciting things around the corner of Long Beach Radio and the West Coast.

October 6th: Canucks Regular Season opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  We'll have all your Canucks hockey action right here on Long Beach Radio.

October 8th: Geoff and MacKenzie (a local girl) will host an hour of requests from 2-3pm to support Variety Childern's Charity. Our friends at The Wildside Grill will be hosting a charity hotdog roast to coincide.  More about Variety can be found at listen to Long Beach Radio for MacKenzie's darn cute promo for the day.

October 14th: Release of The Big Year, some of which was filmed in the Tofino area last summer. I have no word on a local screening yet but if it happens we'll let you know. Also, They're filming some of the new Superman movie in Ucluelet over the next few weeks so we'll have another movie soon to watch for our neighbours in.

October 15,16th: The Queen of The Peak; a great home grown all-women's surf event. For further information, see or contact Krissy at Surf Sister. Pre-registration is required, and competitors and spectators are asked to bike or carpool to all events. The website should have new info soon as well.  We'll try to bring you some updates throughout the weekend. Here's a video someone whipped up from last year's event

October 17th: Carrie Ann gets back from her European tour.  About time too!

October 29th: Long Beach Radio and The Weigh West Marine Resort will host a Hallowe'en Bash!! Featuring rockin'-blues from Ross Neilsen and The Sufferin' Bastards (The same guys that played the Hallowe'en Party when Pete Devries won the O'Neill CWC in 2009), Prizes for costumes and more. Tickets will be $10 and available in a couple weeks. Here's a video from their performance at the East Coast Music Awards this year.

They're also no strangers to the West Coast having played out here on most of their previous 5 or so cross Canada tours. They even started doing hotel reviews they're here so often.

October 31st: Hallowe'en!!! Always a fun day on Long Beach Radio.... expect spooky and possibly irritating songs and sound effects all day.

There's a lot of fun coming up and this time of year is usually full of surprises.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Planned Power Outage on Monday September 26th

BC Hydro will be powering down the west coast (Tofino, Ucluelet, Ahousaht and all surrounding communities) for some upgrades for about 8 hours on Monday September 26th, from 8am to 4pm (estimated times). For info on power outages and whatnot visit and listen for a public service announcement about the outage on Long Beach Radio.
Stormy conditions are also expected for the region so plan ahead. A BC Hydro page about outage perparation is HERE

The District of Tofino sent this release out regarding the storm risks:

Our first winter class storm is forecast to arrive this Monday (26th). We know from past experience the types of incidents that tend to occur during these events. Compounding this event will be the power outage on Monday. School and businesses will be closed so we should expect an increased number of local storm watchers.

 Storm details:

We are looking at an unusually large and powerful swell hitting early Monday morning, continuing through until Wednesday evening. The forecast is showing a peak of 25 feet with a 14 second period. Storm surge will be compounded by very high tides at mid day. Expect beaches to be flooded and logs floating. As a result, some of the park beach accesses will likely be temporarily closed during this period. Visitors will need to be reminded why these areas are closed and requested to respect our closures.


Please provide advice to visitors of the need to respect power of the ocean and to exercise caution. For example, in the past we have had to intercept and convince novice surfers from going out into the waves, even when logs were being floated by the storm waves and were bouncing up against the edge of the parking lot. Many visitors and inexperienced surfers do not appreciate the danger even when it seems obvious to us. As we all know a wide expanse of exposed beach can be flooded very quickly when a large set comes in. Rip currents will be extremely strong. Help may not be available if you get into trouble - assistance from rescuers will be constrained by dangerous conditions. Swell will wash high up over rocks - stay well back. Large logs will be floating - you can get trapped and/or crushed. One of the biggest concerns is that some visitors/locals do not have an appreciation for how dangerous these conditions can be, and how quickly a perceived safe spot can become dangerous.


Monday High 11.8' at 1227 hrs

Tuesday High 12.5' at 1306 hrs

Wednesday High 12.8 at 1345 hrs

Thanks for listening, be safe and we'll get back on the air as soon as we can once power is restored.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Fall Fun In Tofino And Ucluelet

First off, I mentioned this in the morning show today, checkout a short video about some of the region's top surfers finding new break.

Which reminds me, The Queen Of The Peak surf competition will enjoy its second year in October. Find out more at

Now I'm having surf competition flashbacks!! Here's a video from another fun homegrown surf competition held this summer.

And, although the O'Neill Cold Water Classic isn't returning this season you should probably have a look at this if you haven't watched it already.

Lastly, if you're looking for post surf entertainment in the next few day;
Kim Churchill, a good friend of Long Beach Radio is kickin' out the jams at the Legion on Saturday. Here's a couple year old live video.... He puts on a hell of a show.

Tofino Beerfest is on Saturday as well, get your tickets at the Weigh West if there are any left.

And lastly, Vancouver Canucks preseason kicks off this evening against the Calgary Flames. Once the regular season starts you'll be able to tune in for every Canucks game right here on Long Beach Radio. For now the Canucks Report has begun so tune in Monday to Friday at 2:30 and 5pm to get a taste of what the season has in store for us.

Monday, September 19, 2011

International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

AAAAARRRR'!!! It be intarrrrrrrnational talk like a pirate day. You can bet yer' last dubloon Cap'n Geoff "Greasy Hippy Beard" Johnson, the scourge of the Pacific will be loading his cannons with grapeshot and parlaying in pirate all day.  Tune in you land 'lubbers or I'll make you walk the plank!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Do You Need To Live?

I was stumbling around the Internets this morning when I should have been working and found an interesting list ( here's the full article ) A few thousand Brits were polled asking what is necessary for survival in their modern world. Here are the results. (and my sarcastic commentary)  Feel free to post your comments below.

1. Sunshine - As rainforest residents I think many would agree.... it is also ultimately the source of the energy that powers #2

2. Internet connection - As #2 it's interesting that at this point we are now sitting outside on a sunny afternoon, staring at a modem but whatever, I suspect this particular modem is solar powered (all the electrical devices that appear on this list must solar powered be since "electricity" is absent)

3. Clean drinking water - Well yeah, if all we have is sun and Internet we're gonna need to stay hydrated from all the sunshine and Internet Porn (Porn gets a capital letter if Internet does, they're basically the same thing)

4. Fridge - To keep our water cool of course.  Though I'm still not sure where we're plugging in the fridge (or the Internet for that matter)

5. Facebook - What are you thinking right now? "Gotta fridge and some water, it's gonna we a killer weekend LOL" [Comment] [Like]

6. NHS (National Health Service) - Gonna need if for glasses and dietary problems since it's all fresh water and a life time of status updates at this point

7. Cooker (kitchen stove) - Now we can heat and cool our fresh water.... starting to get hungry?

8. Email - From: Najir Shroederline Esq.
                Subject: Norwegian Water Lottery
Helo my good Friend. I am to be announcing that your email account has won 446.37 Euro-gallons of fresh water you can collect you prive by sending you fridge, Internets, stove and Facebook to the following address

9. Flushing toilet - Now we have a way to waste some of that fresh water

10. Mobile phone/smartphone - Great for checking Facebook when you walk to someone else's place to sit beside their empty fridge and starve to death

11. Tea and Coffee - Goes good with stove and fresh water, now we've got the caffeine we need to stay up Internetting

12. Washing machine - Still naked BUT we've got a lot of fresh water, better use it for something

13. Shower - Good, now we can start doin' it in the shower

14. Central heating - I guess, since shelter hasn't been mentioned yet this means "fire"

15. Painkillers - For falling in the shower?

16. Fresh vegetables - Holy crap!!! We're gonna eat? That'll cut into iPhone Facebook time!

17. Vacuum Cleaner - We are gonna have some mess to clean up now that we have vegetables to peel

18. Kettle - Guess the stove's gonna have boiling pots of veggies on 24-7, this'll help keep the coffee coming

19. Sofa - Comfy, but don't get it too close to the "central heating"

20. Shoes - finally something to put in the washing machine.  Also, if they are leather shoes they are the first protein we'll get to eat

21. Fresh fruit - a great side with tea, boiled carrots and shoe leather

22. Google - OOOOOooooooo!!! Now we can Google ourselves
                    Search: Geoff Johnson
                    1 Result: Connect with Geoff Johnson on Facebook
                    Location: Outside in the sun sitting on a sofa near his fridge
                     Likes: Water, Facebook, Kettle

23. Car - Sometimes your friends sofa/fridge are far away and Facebook is just too impersonal

24. Hair straighteners - Should have been number 1

25. Public transport - WTF for? You already have a car

26. Laptop - Already have a smart phone, kind of redundant right

27. Chocolate - My wife would argue this goes about "Fresh Water"

28. DVD Player - Dead Media!!!!! Might as well be something Victorian like a wrist watch

29. Wristwatch - .....

30. Make-up - Good point, women are gonna have a hard time keeping up with the fashion and make up look of the Kardashians and other stupid celebrities since we've had the Internet since before we had WATER!!!!

31. Flat screen TV - To plug your Laptop into to watch your pirated copy of "Hurt Locker"

32. Wedding ring - How else can you prove how much of an insecure sucker your husband is?

33. Tumble dryer - Still don't have anything to wear other than our shoes but those shoes can now be dried when we spill our unsecured fresh water all over them

34. Bottled water - WooooooooHoooooooo!! no more spilling fresh water.  Also, we can use the empty bottle to build shelters. Bottled water saves the world again

35. Ebay - Good for buying and selling wedding rings, dryers, shoes, etc.

36. Bicycle - For those who aren't willing to push their cars (I'm still not seeing a source of portable energy in the list)

37. iPod - Didn't we already have an iPhone back at like number 10?

38. Air conditioning - Plastic bottle shelters tend to be kind of greenhouse like.

39. Disposable diapers - first article of clothing and we'll just throw it in the garbage after one use.  The washer/dryer makes a good TV stand I guess

40. Light bulbs - not needed we can just turn on one of our many electronic devices already listed and waste away the evening glued to their light-emitting screen, wouldn't that be stupid (!?)

41. Spell-check - This one's just fcuking sutpid

42. Sat Nav (GPS navigation system) - We've got Google (and Google Maps) and a smart phone already. In fact, why does this industry still exist?

43. Push-up bra - Should have been number 2!!!!

44. Nintendo Wii - Finally a reason to stand up (other than the bicycle). Meh, you can still play most of those games sitting down

45. iPad - You've got a laptop AND you've got a smart phone. You're gonna use this as much as you use a gym membership

46. Gym Membership - I should really get one of those, I bet I'd use it all the time

47. Season ticket to your football club - As much as I like watching a bunch of vegetarian men in shoes and disposable diapers kick a ball around I'll do it sitting in my water bottle house from the comfort of my sofa.

48. Freezer - Well you need ice cubes for rum.... Wait!!! THERE'S NO RUM ON THE LIST

49. Xbox Rum - That's better

50. Twitter - Follow Long Beach Radio on Twitter @Long Beach Radio

Something missing?

Thanks for Listening to Long Beach Radio

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks For The Great Birthday

I turned 30 over the weekend and the party was fantastic!  Thanks to my wife and the friends the could for coming together for the Jamie's Whaling Station cruise and dinner at the Long Beach Lodge.  Both were just as one would expect.....BRILLIANT. I got to get a little surfing in and my actual birthday was the sunniest and warmest day of the year. 

I spent part of my birthday at the Ukee Salmon Festival too, you can see the restults of the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby fish-off at

One the radio business front programming will be a little different this week. Carrie-Ann is still away on vacation and will be for some time. I'll try to fill the afternoons when I can.   Bobby Lax won't be in town on Friday so we're moving the Friday Funky Food Hour to Wednesday this week, so tune in at 9.

Well, I should get back to playing some guitar so I'm ready to do my part at the Wickaninnish Inn Pro-Am charity golf tournament this weekend.

Barely 3 weeks til Hockey!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Friday, September 9, 2011

Earth Quake near Port Alice today, felt on the West Coast

No Tsunami warnings, advisories or watches are currently in effect for the Long Beach region including Tofno, Ucluelet and the outlying communities. And earthquake took place around 12:43pm today on the Northern area of Vancouver Island approximately 50km south of Port Alice. At this time there are no reports of damage or injuries. Check this page for info if it develops

Here is a press realease from the District of Tofino



THIS BULLETIN IS ISSUED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. THIS BULLETIN IS ISSUED AT 13:15 Hrs, Pacific Daylight Time, Friday September 9, 2011 Issued by the District of Tofino September 9 at 1:32pm.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Local's Summer

As I sit in my yard, looking down at the Tofino harbour, the Andrews Sisters playing from my laptop speakers I can't help but think of how great this time of year is.  (skip to the bottom of this post to play some Andrews Sisters for the full experience)
The view from my yard

I've been calling it "Local's Summer" for the last few days on the radio and here's why;

-The Weather is the first easy answer, it's usuallt pretty summery right up to the middle of October.... in fact this time of year is the best for beach fun or a beach wedding because you have a rare chance at getting both space on the beach and some sun.

-I guess that brings us to the "Local's" part of "Local's Summer", there's a lot less people around.  Everything is still open, the whales are out like crazy, golf is good, beaches are warm, surf has been great this week BUT a lot of the folks who are tied to the academic calendar can't make it out so we get a lot of these things to ourselves a little more (not that we aren't willing to share)

-That also brings us to the best part.  There's still a LOT to do!!! Here are a few things coming up in the next few days and weeks.

     -Amy Cunningham is playing at the Blackrock on Thursday evening

     -Jamie's Whaling Station has a Cops 4 Cancer fundraising sunset cruise on Saturday Evening. Featuring Tofino Brewing Company Beer, Champaigne, and Oysters.  You can bet you'll find some times LBR personality Bobby Lax there (like nearly any event with oysters).  Tickets are $40 and available at Jamie's

     -Saturday Night No Means No are playing the Tofino Legion

     -Sunday afternoon is the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby's wrap up party The Ucluelet Salmon Festival.  It takes place from 2-5 outdoors at The Canadian Princess Resort featuring live music from Sam the Jet and the presentation of the prizes from the derby.  Your emcee for the festivities will be Your's Truly (sorry about that)

     -The Carving on the Edge Festival runs through most of the second hald of September

     -Down the road on the 25th (I think) The Weigh West plays host to BeerFest.

     -Then, October 6th The Vancouver Canucks kick off their regular season and you can bet we'll have every second of it on Long Beach Radio.

So there you go, Local's Summer has just begun; Get to the beach, go for a hike, kayak, bike ride, whatever just don't let it slip away from you.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ceremonial Paddle Out For Rob MacInnes

A ceremonial paddle out is planned for Rob MacInnes today (September 6th) at noon. Meet in the middle of Cox Bay.  Surfer or not, come remember a friend.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Tragic Weekend on The West Coast

The RCMP have released the following press release with regards to 2 tragic incidents in the Tofino, Ucluelet region over the weekend.

Ucluelet RCMP and Tofino RCMP have had a busy Labour Day Weekend Investigating two separate fatal incidents. Ucluelet RCMP responded to a diving fatality at Maggie Falls in Toquart Bay on September 3rd, 2011. A number of hours later on September 4th, 2011 Tofino RCMP responded to a fatal Collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian.

On Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 at 4:34 pm Ucluelet RCMP along with BC Ambulance Service responded to a complaint of a 24 year old man with serious injuries at Maggie Falls in Toquart Bay,  East of the Tofino-Ucluelet Junction.  Upon arrival it was determined the man, identified as Ryan THOMPSON, had been jumping into a swimming hole located at Maggie Falls.  THOMPSON was found by friends a few seconds later with life threatening injuries.  Despite all revival efforts THOMPSON succumbed to his injuries a short time later.

British Columbia Coroners Service along with the Ucluelet RCMP are investigating this incident but foul play is not suspected. 

The family of THOMPSON, who is from the Colwood area in Victoria, would like to thank all those who assisted in helping THOMPSON including: his friends, BC Ambulance Service, West Coast Search and Rescue,  Parks Canada, and the RCMP.

A number of hours later on September 4th, 2011 at 2:44 am the Tofino RCMP and BC Ambulance responded to a complaint of a pedestrian involved motor vehicle collision on the Pacific Rim Highway and Industrial Way in Tofino.  Upon arrival the pedestrian, a 35 year old man, identified as Robert MACINNES was found deceased. 

An RCMP traffic analyst/reconstructionist and the BC Coroners Service attended to the location and a full investigation of the collision scene was conducted.  The cause of the crash is still under investigation, however, at this time alcohol is not believed to be a factor regarding the driver of the vehicle.

This incident has shaken the small village of Tofino as MACINNES had been a long term resident of the community.  MACINNES was born in Richmond, B.C., and his family still resides in the Lower Mainland.

Any one with any information they think is valuable to either investigation are asked to contact the Ucluelet RCMP at 250-726-7773 or the Tofino RCMP at 250-725-3242.

Released by

Cst. Sascha BANKS
General Duty Constable/Media Relation Officer
Tofino RCMP
400 Campbell Street, P.O. Box 280, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0
Office: (250) 725-3242
Cell: (250) 726-8220
Fax: (250) 725-2469