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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Big Thank You to Tofino Tech

I often share my great west coast experiences here on the blog; sea kayaking, fishing, whale watching, great meal and all other sorts of adventures. The west coast had a different sort of adventure in mind for me this weekend. Thanks to some power line shenanigans, one of our computers suffered some sort of work place injury.  This particular computer isn't that valuable in terms of hardware but the very specialized software on it and it's integration into our broadcast system are essential.  I dropped it off at Tofino Tech over the weekend and held my breath. It was sort of like dropping a loved one off for an operation, the potential scenarios running through my head were overwhelming.
A short while later I got the call I was hoping for; our little old computer had made it through, with all it's specialized software intact. So, thank you Tofino Tech for saving me sleepless nights, a lot of time and a bunch of money trying to integrate a different system into our equipment down here at LBR. Sometimes you think you can save a couple bucks by dealing with the big box operations out of town but in the end what you save by dealing with quality, honest, local people will outweigh those small cost differences every time. Thanks Kevin and Naomi, I'm typing this update on that tired old work-horse your brought back to life right now.

Give them a call if you have computer issues or you need a thing-a-ma-bob, doo-hickey or other piece of technical equipment.

On an unrelated note, Happy Birthday Jack O'Neill

Not THAT Jack O'Neill, THIS one (it was last week, sorry for being late);

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

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