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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our 100,000th visitor!

Before we get into the blog post, if you are looking for the BC teacher's strike letter it's HERE

Thanks for checking out just a minute ago I happened to be checking our website stats when I noticed our all time hits we at 99,998. I hit refresh and was treated with this view;
About 30% of our visitor are from outside Canada. Mostly the USA, UK, Australia and Germany so thanks to our international audience. We don't know where in Canada our domestic visitors are visiting from but we know a lot of folks visit Tofino and Ucluelet then return here for a little taste of our west coast heaven. Most importantly though, thanks to our local listeners and business partners who have made it possible to get the station rolling along so nicely.

Thanks for listening to and logging on to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

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