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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Friday Rock-Funk Vegan Llama Black Metal Hour

It was a fun morning hanging out with Paul Jarvis while Bobby Lax is out of town, here's the Friday Funky Food Hour for this week;

Here are some videos and other things we referred to during the show;

Starman the Llama eating strawberries

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Yeah Lamb

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tourism Ucluelet Board Has Resigned, Contract Staff Layed Off?

Long Beach Radio recieved the following letter this morning from an email address associated with Jeff Mathieson, we do not know if the other names agreed to be undersigned;

(since we originally posted the letter below Westerly News has published a story on the situation HERE, links tend to disappear so if the link doesn't work the story has probably been taken down)

The Hotel Tax, collected by large accommodation providers in Ucluelet comes back to Ucluelet for tourism for the benefit of ALL tourism-related businesses and has been collected for approximately 4 years now. This tax came in to being by referendum – to vote yes or no, one had to be a FRAP (Fixed Roof Accommodation Provider – 4 units or more). Tourism Ucluelet (TU) was set up with a mandate to market Ucluelet externally and while under the umbrella of the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce (UCofC), the elected TU Board had to consist of 6 FRAP members and 2 other businesses. TU has a contract with the Province outlining terms of reference to spend these marketing dollars for the benefit of all. Approximate dollars received to spend on showcasing Ucluelet’s charms comes in at about $130,000 per year.

Using these funds, TU has effectively marketed Ucluelet through web, print, film, consumer shows and the Ucluelet App.; providing maps and booklets for businesses to guide tourists in town. Seed money was provided for the start of the Ucluelet Salmon Derby. Marketing support has been provided to the Wild Pacific Trail and the Ucluelet Aquarium. Tourism Ucluelet’s constitution was drawn up to represent all business in Ucluelet not just Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce Members or FRAP members. B&B’s, vacation rentals, restaurants, tour operators – those funds are for the benefit of all. These funds are separate from the UCofC’s funding, which comes from a share of business licences. Most accommodation providers this year are now reporting a significant increase over last years advance booking at this time. In some cases it is over 60%.
Gardener Thornton Report best business practice recommends after a threshold of $100 k in income is achieved, it is advisable to become a separate entity. This would enable Tourism Ucluelet to apply for grants, have Pay Pal on the site on the website, take ownership of web domains, and have direct billing through TU (currently telephone bills are the name of a board member who is then reimbursed), simplify accounting practices, PST,GST,HST.  
TU then approached the District of Ucluelet (DofU) to separate from the UCofC as a separate entity. A list of requirements was drawn up by the District of Ucluelet, in writing and signed by the mayor of the time, Eric Russcher. A time was agreed to by TU and DofU. Although 4 months beyond the timeline mutually agreed to by TU and DofU . TU met with the District of Ucluelet,who changed the original terms in the written agreement and tried to implement processes for marketing Ucluelet. District staff were now to be involved and constraints implemented that do not lend itself to effective marketing. Marketing must be flexible and reactive to opportunities that arise.   It should be noted that an election had been held during this process, and although the previous Mayor Russcher and Council was supportive, the new Mayor and Council did not want to adhere to the previous agreement outlining separation of TU from UCofC,

Tourism Ucluelet then decided to continue as it previously had for 4 years under the UCofC. The UCofC replied with requirements that fell outside of the Terms of Reference/Contract with the Province that were agreed to at inception of Tourism Ucluelet.
Criticism of lack of financial reporting has been made and a letter was received from UCofC to TU outlining a brand new set of terms of reference that has not been approved by the Finance Minister. The letter, signed by Marilyn MacEwan, President of UCofC on April 18 2012 implied that TU members could be seen as embezzling funds. Some TU board members resigned immediately and others resigned after seeking legal advice. It should be noted that Tourism Ucluelet were required to share bookkeepers with the UCOC for the sake of full transparency. Tourism Ucluelet has been commended by an Administrator in the Minister of Finance for its reporting. The District of Ucluelet has had copies of all financials.

Tourism Ucluelet has been critical of the UCOC recent $10,000 expenditure for marketing the Edge to Edge Marathon. This expense could have been paid for with marketing dollars from TU, not the limited funds from the struggling UCofC. Reasons given from UCofC for not willing to approach TU, were the refusal to work with an elected board member of the TU board. In doing so the UCOC also failed to utilize grants that were available to TU. This same reason was given for not attending TU’s monthly meetings where they would have been fully entwined of Tourism Ucluelet's activities. The UCOC recently applied to the District of Ucluelet for a larger portion of business license fees, yet is not utilizing TU funds.

Marketing has been halted in Ucluelet. TU contracted staff member has been layed off. The District of Ucluelet has failed to reimburse $25,000 in tax dollars to TU. The UCOC has put an “all stop” on further expenditures. The TU board has resigned.
This is a matter of the control of marketing funds; criticisms and controls aside, the intention of the Province of BC was to have a separate marketing board, TU, support of the FRAPS and a large representation of FRAPS, who collect this money on the TU board.
We would like to thank all the past members of our board; Former Mayor Russcher, Keith Morrison of Parks Canada; Kathy and John DeVries who many times went beyond the call of duty in the promotion of Ucluelet. We would like to convey our gratitude the hard work of all associated with the Aquarium, The Wild Pacific Trail,

The Ucluelet Salmon Derby. Finally to all the dedicated business people of Ucluelet who enhance and make our product.

Lorne Preistley

Brian Clarkson

Jeff Mathieson

Cathie Oliwa

The accuracy of the claim herein and what this means for tourism marketing and initiatives already in motion I cannot say.  Hopefully a more complete story will be generated soon.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Beach Wild on Long Beach Radio

Local author Adrienne Mason has written a great book call Long Beach Wild. She has some local book lauch events coming up and I was able to chat with her about them, here's the interview.

If you are interested in attending the lauch event it's at The Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre on Wednesday April 24, 2012 starting at 8.  There is a Ucluelet event planned for the following Wednesday as well. 

On a side note, if you missed last week's episode of The Friday Funky Food Hour you can listen to it now.

That's it for now. Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Missing Person in Tofino FOUND!! April 22, 2012

We've had reports that Mr. Jeffery has been found safe. Great work SAR folks!!

At 14:30 today the Tofino RCMP received a report of an overdue 82 year old male. Reported by the family, the male had not been heard from for 3 hours after advising he was going for a walk on the beach, possibly Chesterman Beach. He had previously suffered from a stroke so the family was concerned. His name is John JEFFERY

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eating Awesome

This morning we were visited by Tofino's Paul Jarvis. Paul recently put together a vegan cook ebook called Eat Awesome. We talked a bit about why one might choose a vegan diet and what you would eat if you did. Sadly I forgot to ask him how to cook a vegan but he was kind enough to tell me via Twitter afterwards;

Here's the audio from our chat;

Paul has been in the studio before with his life/ band-mate Lisa as Mojave. Here's some bits from those visits;

Thanks for coming in Paul and thanks to all of you for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Monday, April 16, 2012

Follow The Groms in Panama

Over the last few month a handful of local youth have been raising money to get their surf on in Panama! We talked with them about it a while back

I also found this video on their website

Canadian junior surf team 2012 from on Vimeo.

Well, They're there now and you can watch the competition LIVE at the following link;

And it seems the most up-do-date info about the boys at the comp is on Facebook, HERE
There's also more info about what their up to and order some merch on their blog HERE

Good luck guys!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fire, Friday the 13th and Funky Food

First off, our thoughts are with the folks affected by the fire at Driftwood in Ucluelet. Glad to hear that no-one was hurt in the blaze that destroyed the fun, local restaurant. The Westerly has a great story about it here if you want more info. We had some fun with a couple of the girls from The Black Pearls, our newly named west coast roller derby squad. Here's the audio;

Finally here's this week's episode of The Friday Funky Food Hour including an interview with Jesse Blake from The Wildside Grill;

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April is Poet Tree Month

We had a couple of local poets drop in today to point out that April is poetry month in Canada. Here are the results;

Thanks to Greg and Chis for coming in. Also, here's last week's episode of The Friday Funky Food hour. Tune un tomorrow for a fresh serving;
Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attention British Columbia Broadcasting Students

Well, it's spring for sure now. Life in Tofino and Ucluelet is always sweet. This time of year it's difficult to remember the winter storms, lengthy power outages and endless strings of grey days that the storm season holds.  It's not always blue sky an sunshine, even in the peak of summer but there are moments of amazing beauty every day. Here's a sunset from just outside the studio a week or so back.

Around this time last year we were joined on-air by Carrie Ann. In her summer with us Carrie Ann hosted our weekday afternoons, helped us broadcast live coverage of festivals, organized a great charity fundraising lemonade stand on a sand-bar, interviewed The Sheepdogs, Tim Hus, Kim Churchill, USS, Daniel Wesley, Rebel Emergency, The East Vamps, Miss Quincy, Roy Henry Vickers and did a bunch more. She had a hand in the music directing, wrote and produced a few of our ads and generally had a good time... Here are a few memories of her time here;

Preparing for the Charity Lemonade Stand
Presenting donations from the Lemonade Stand
Her impromptu interview with Ewan Currie The Sheepdogs (after a concert, and a few beers I suspect)

On our team trip to The West Coast Wild Zipline;

Demonstrating our game show sensation, "What's in the Crab Trap"

So, if you are a BC broadcasting student you may be wondering, "What does this have to do with me?" Well, friends we're looking for folks who might be interested in spending part of their summer on an internship with Long Beach Radio. 

An internship quite unlike what you'll get elsewhere. We are a small, independent station in a unique and remote market. We have a small staff so you will be part of every aspect of our operation out here.  You will  have a chance to spend about half of your clocked time on-air with the other half spent working mostly on creative pursuits like programming, ad productions and branding (I might stick you with some boring database stuff once in a while too, sorry).  You'll likely even have occasional access to our company car, Elby

While we are a 100% commercial radio station we're probably quite different from other stations you may have worked in, visited or known throughout your life and education. If you are looking for an internship that will prepare you for a life in radio with one of the big national brand we're not the answer.  We won't connect you to industry big-wigs, send you to The Junos or polish your production skills to those of a jedi.  We will expose you to how simple and organic commercial radio can be, and show you how it can thrive and be a valuable part of the community in a market many would overlook. 

So if you are creative, self motivated, embrace new things, friendly, and looking for a unique intership this summer email me; and send some basic info and a link to something you've created... a YouTube video, mixcloud broadcast, podcast, live 365 channel, U-stream program, whatever. It can be video, audio, musical or now.... Just so I can get a look inside your head a little bit.

Thanks for Listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kim Churchill's New Video Has Some Familiar People and Places

Lots of folks from are neck of the woods appear in Kim Churchill's new video for "Season's Grind"! The most handsome guy in the video is around the 2:05 mark, check it out!

The interview and live performance that was underway when those few seconds of footage were shot is right here;

You can listen to more of his stuff in this player


Kim will be back in Canada later in the summer for a tour, don't miss it!!

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Wolves Killed and Dumped in a Dumpster in Tofino

Disturbing photos have been circulating in local social media circles since last night. They show two dead wolves resting on top of a dumpster full of household garbage.  I've spoken with the local woman, Ocean Giesbrecht who took the pictures and she says the were taken in Tofino and she did not stage or otherwise alter the content of the dumpster. You can view one of the pictures HERE. (I choose not to post them for the sake of more sensitive readers. Ocean has given permission to Long Beach Radio and other media to reproduce the images for broadcast if she is credited.)

Wolf activity in the region has been especially high this spring with a number of pets being reported killed over the past month.  This has led some to speculate that the wolf killing may have been an act of revenge or vigilante conservation.  RCMP have confirmed the wolves being found in a Tofino dumpster but have not confirmed cause of death.  Conservation officers will likely lead the investigation.  A Parks Canada employee says they likely won't be involved since the animals were discovered outside of The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The local reaction is mostly outrage with concerns being raised about whether the killings may be legal if the hunters had the appropriate hunting and firearms licenses.

If you spot wolf activity outside of The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve you should call The BC Conservation Officer Service at;

Inside the park call Parks Canada at;

Westerly News has a great story about it here
CHEK News' report can be viewed here
Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. - Geoff

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Happening in Tofino and Ucluelet over Easter Weekend

Well folks, our second "sneak peak" of summer-like tourist madness is this weekend. There are a lot of things to do this weekend in Tofino and Ucluelet on a long weekend when the weather looks decent; kayaking, surfing, hiking, whale watching, fishing, bocci ball, and a ton more.... Here's a look at some of the night life options this weekend;

Friday night there is a fundraising event at the ANAF in Uclulelet featuring a few local bands including those below

Here is a visit from Left At The Junction a few months back

And Prestor John's Gone from a bit ago;

Saturday night Five Alarm Funk rolls into The Tofino Legion, always a great party;

The Weigh West in Tofino has live music over the weekend featuring Vancouver Island's own Mark Crissinger, Here's an older interview with in-studio performance;

And finally some house keeping;
We had Keith "Gibby" Gibson and Gord Johns in to talk about the West Coast Multiplex this morning, here's the resulting interview;
Find out more about the multiplex movement at And of course, last week's Friday Funky Food Hour with Bobby Lax;
Well, there's a lot of media for you to digest when you're not digging the sun and good times this Easter weekend ;)

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Storm Before The Calm

It's another stormy day on the west coast.... but fear not because it looks like Easter Weekend is gonna be great!! Expecting sunshine starting Wednesday all through the weekend.  Also, lots of fun events including 5 Alarm Funk at the Legion and long time friend of Long Beach Radio, Mark Crissinger at The Weigh West.  We'll talk about that all later in the week. For now, thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff